Bound Jocks video – Jessy Ares tops Dolan Wolf

For today’s bound jocks video we have one wild pair to show off. For this scene we got together Jessy Ares and Dolan Wolf to star in their very own and special update. The two fraternityx guys were asking for a while now to be put together but due to some complications they never got the chance until now. But this time we intended to even surprise them with it. So we told them what was going to go down and we also told them that they’d get to do what ever they wanted for their scene together today. Let’s see what they did.

In the beginning of the scene Jessy and Dolan have to decide who’s going on the little fuck bed for this one and without hesitation Dolan offers to be the one bound to the device. So Jessy goes ahead and ties him up good with his legs up in the air so that he may get easy access to Dolan’s ass. Sit back and enjoy seeing Jessy as he plants his cock balls deep in Dolan’s ass at today. As always we’re hoping you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for even more fresh content next week. See you next time, friends!

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Bound Jocks video – Blindfold 69

Well we promised you some bound jocks video, and here we are delivering them to you. This scene is quite special as we also got our dudes blindfolded so they couldn’t see their partner and didn’t know who they were trying to please or who was trying to please them. Perhaps this could be called a nice blindfold sixty nine session. So sit back and enjoy this special porn update.

You just have to see these two bound gays going at it for this one everyone. They pull out all of their sexual tricks for this one as they’re pretty desperate to please the other guy. Suffice to say they do a good job and number on each other as they’re sucking on those big and hard cocks. So don’t waste any more time and go see these boundjocks videos that we brought you. Enjoy guys and as always see you next week.

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Cumming on a hairy ass

This bound jocks update features a very horny and hot pair of hunks that will be gracing you with their sexual performance. Well for this one we paired two guys from our collection at random as we wanted to spice things up a bit and see what comes out of it. Suffice to say that it worked out like a charm and the two sure made sparks fly in their boundjocks shoot today. So without further delays, sit back and watch s the two burly men will enjoy their afternoon of gay sex. Can you name them? You’ve seen them before but not together. Don’t worry if you can’t though, that’s not why you’re here now is it. Let the show begin.

As the bound jocks porn scene starts the guy with the growing beard and big cock do a nice job to tie up the other guy down so he can’t move while he’s being pleased. And with that the dude starts to go to work on that tight and eager ass. Watch him as he starts to fuck the dude anal slowly at first. But he eventually works up momentum and also starts fucking the dude balls deep. Oh but that’s not the end everyone. When he’s about to shoot his load he pulls out and spreads his jizz load all over the dude’s sine ass. Just like always we hope you enjoyed and see you next week with more content. Enjoy and see you then guys. Don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside the Cody Cummings website, so check it out and have fun!


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BoundJocks – Angel Rock and Connor Patricks

Today we bring you another fresh boundjocks gallery for you to enjoy. This update’s poster guys are Angel Rock and Connor Patricks and they are both very cock hungry hunks that would do anything to get their share of cock when they feel turned on enough. Well sadly one of them has to take the receiving end and be the one that get’s used like the dirty little man slut that he is. The guys don’t take too long to decide this thing and it seems that Angel is the one getting all tied up and taking some cock in his mouth and ass.

His buddy Connor did appear before in our galleries  so you know he’s done this sort of thing before. He assures Angel that he’ll be fine and starts tying him up all nice and tight with some ropes. And then he places him on his knees and he shoves that big and hard cock of his in Angel’s mouth. Angel does know his job well and you just have to see this jock performing his trademark blowjobs and deep throat session for Connor today. That’s about it for this bound jocks update everyone. See you soon with more content and don’t forget that you find similar galleries inside website. Enjoy!


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Bound Jocks – After game fun

This week we bring you another sizzling hot update with our bound jocks video gallery just for you today. This time we have two guys that seem to be in for doing some extra cmnm training after their big match today. Both of them are really eager to do so too as they’ve got the locker rooms all to themselves today and nothing will stop these two as you will see in every picture for this update.

In the start of the scene one of the guys gets down and dirty and starts sucking and slurping on the other guy’s big cock. And after he’s all nice and hard it’s time for him to get access to that tight little ass. Eventually the guy doing the fucking gets bored so he pulls out his trusty dildo to continue pleasing his friend’s ass hard style at today. Enjoy everyone and see you soon.



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Landon Conrad licks Luke Milan’s ass

Hey there everyone bound jocks porn crew here again with one more superb update for you guys. As you know by now all of our guys love themselves some light BDSM and always seem to find themselves trying out some interesting contraptions while they have their sexual fun. In this one we have Landon Conrad as he straps up his buddy Luke Milan on that contraption and then proceeds to have fun with his hairy ass today. If one thing can be said about every one of our guys it’s that they sure are inventive and this little contraption is the creation of Landon himself. So let’s see him use it in these bound jocks videos  on his buddy.

As the scene starts Luke isn’t too sure about his friend’s creation but some smooth talking later and some passionate kisses paired with caresses and he accepted. So he takes his spot on it as Landon ties him up tightly to the table. And then he lifts his legs up to get access to that tight ass that that he loves so much. And you can bet Luke enjoys every moment of the fucking today, just look at his face. So watch them have some hot gay sex at and enjoy the show they will put on for you guys. We hope you enjoyed it like always and we’ll see you next week with more fresh content. Until next time visit ironlockup blog and find similar videos.



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Bound Jocks – Doug Acre tied and fucked

Hey there once again internet, today we have another hot pairing with two superb studs in this bound jocks update that we have ready for you to see today. This time the pair of horny hunks is formed from Doug Acre and a new friend of his.  Like you know by now all of the guys that appear in our scenes are fans of having hard core sex throughout the night. Oh and those videos we were talking about? Well those are just around the corner and you’ll be able to see them soon. But for now let’s get this show started.

As the scene starts just like in all of our scenes one of the guys has to be bound and tied while taking his hard style fucking for your enjoyment. Well for this one it’s Doug Acre himself. So let’s not waste any more time and watch him become a obedient little man slut as his buddy ties him up to the fuck bed and proceeds to fuck his tight little ass today. Watch as he moans in pleasure if his ass getting thoroughly penetrated in this gay sex update. We’ll see you again next week with more so until then bye bye!


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Brenden Cage and Johnny Torque

Today’s bound jocks gallery features another pair of studs getting it on in their little light BDSM session. The guys are named Brenden Cage and Johnny Torque. And Let’s just say Johnny here is quite the regular sight in allot of gay content as of late. But anyway, today he’s getting bound and forced by Mr.. Cage here to suck his cock. He needs to learn ho we do things here in our studio so this had to happen.

As Brenden ties up his new buddy he’s telling him how things would go down between them tonight and he couldn’t do anything about it. Watch as Brenden takes his time tying him up, and then as his buddy is immobile watch as Brenden sticks his big and stiff cock in Torque’s mouth. Enjoy guys and be on the lookout for our next videos update. Enjoy and see you then everyone, and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update and you’re looking for similar content, come inside ironlockup blog and enjoy!


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Connor Maguire jerking off

Time for another bound jocks porn update and this one is a rather special one. Connor Maguire makes a return today in this superb solo scene with just him, his body and the cameras. Well since he was the one on the receiving end of the fucking last time we wanted to make it up to this great guy so we gave him his very own bound jocks scene in which he got to do as he wanted for the whole afternoon. So he decided that for this one everyone that is to view this in going to get to enjoy his sexy body and the scene of him performing a nice and long self pleasuring session. Oh but there’s more to this as you might think.

You see this guy likes it rough no matter what. So even for his solo performance he’s all ready to do it hard style just for you. So even in this boundjocks scene he insists on being tied up to the floor as he enjoys feeling the restriction of free movement. And as he’s sitting there on his knees you can see him massaging his hot body while he makes his way down to his cock. So without further due, sit back and watch as the stud starts to masturbate fast and hard while bound, to your viewing pleasure. We hope you’ll enjoy his little performance today and we’ll be seeing you next week with some more horny dudes. If you liked this cute guy check out website and enjoy watching other muscled guys getting naked and jerking off their big tools!


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Bound Jocks – Axel Flint and Connor Maguire

Bound jocks returns again this week with an amazing content update. Today we have for you a pair of eager guys that will show you how real guys have sex. The two hunks are named Alex Flint and Connor Maguire and they’ll be providing the tortured twinks entertainment for tonight. Oh and we know for a fact that you’ll love it from beginning to end everyone. You just have to see these two studs go at it for your viewing pleasure today. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the sexual show that will unfold in front of your eyes today guys.

As the scenes starts Axel Binds his buddy and ties him to what he likes to call his little fuck table. And once he does so he’s got Connor’s ass all lifted up and ready to take a pounding. You can be sure that Axel was going to take his time and enjoy fucking his buddy at today. So just head on over and take a look at the whole scene that they shot together. We hope you enjoyed and we’ll se seeing you next week with more, so keep your eyes peeled. You won’t want to miss the next gallery updates. Bye bye!


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