Brenden Cage and Johnny Torque

Today’s bound jocks gallery features another pair of studs getting it on in their little light BDSM session. The guys are named Brenden Cage and Johnny Torque. And Let’s just say Johnny here is quite the regular sight in allot of gay content as of late. But anyway, today he’s getting bound and forced by Mr.. Cage here to suck his cock. He needs to learn ho we do things here in our studio so this had to happen.

As Brenden ties up his new buddy he’s telling him how things would go down between them tonight and he couldn’t do anything about it. Watch as Brenden takes his time tying him up, and then as his buddy is immobile watch as Brenden sticks his big and stiff cock in Torque’s mouth. Enjoy guys and be on the lookout for our next videos update. Enjoy and see you then everyone, and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update and you’re looking for similar content, come inside ironlockup blog and enjoy!


 See this guy getting tied and forced to suck a cock!