Landon Conrad licks Luke Milan’s ass

Hey there everyone bound jocks porn crew here again with one more superb update for you guys. As you know by now all of our guys love themselves some light BDSM and always seem to find themselves trying out some interesting contraptions while they have their sexual fun. In this one we have Landon Conrad as he straps up his buddy Luke Milan on that contraption and then proceeds to have fun with his hairy ass today. If one thing can be said about every one of our guys it’s that they sure are inventive and this little contraption is the creation of Landon himself. So let’s see him use it in these bound jocks videos  on his buddy.

As the scene starts Luke isn’t too sure about his friend’s creation but some smooth talking later and some passionate kisses paired with caresses and he accepted. So he takes his spot on it as Landon ties him up tightly to the table. And then he lifts his legs up to get access to that tight ass that that he loves so much. And you can bet Luke enjoys every moment of the fucking today, just look at his face. So watch them have some hot gay sex at and enjoy the show they will put on for you guys. We hope you enjoyed it like always and we’ll see you next week with more fresh content. Until next time visit ironlockup blog and find similar videos.



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