Dominic Pacifico Sucks Jimmy Durano

Hey there and welcome back for more bound jocks in some kinky gay action. In this one, you’re going to see Dominic Pacifico sucking Jimmy Durano’s dick as he is tied to a metal fence. The scene starts with the guys, the stars of this scene and offers some pics of Jimmy getting Dominic ready for their scene. Jimmy started with his hands making sure that he can’t move them and then went lower and tied his feet as well but not before he made sure that he took off most of his clothes, leaving him in his underwear only.The jock got gagged as well and so the scene could start.

While sitting there in his red boxers Dominic saw Jimmy bring out some of his favorite sex toys to try on him. Jimmy didn’t know what to expect from this experience and it’s one thing to see it and a completely different thing to test it out on yourself. Once you agree with it, you can’t really stop things. It was a good idea to ball gag him because this guy just wouldn’t shut up as Jimmy started testing his toy on him.  The fact that he still had his underwear on him gave him some hope, but once the first dildo got showed up his ass that changed. Like the guys from the Czech hunter site, these hot gay guys are crazy about getting their asses stuffed by big tools! You can see Dominic and Jimmy in action below! See you guys next time with more boundjocks updates!


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Bound Jocks – Connor Maguire Fucks Axel Flint

Two more bound jocks are here, Connor Maguire and Axel Flint. Connor really used the equipment that he had to use and tied Axel on one of the benches in the perfect position where he could get his big dick sucked and fuck his ass without moving his at all. Connor took the rope and tied his arm together under the bench and his legs spread apart for a better access to his ass. We doubt that Axel was as happy with this as Connor was but at least one of them is going to get what he wants. Axel was obedient while he was tied and didn’t say a word. Now the boundjocks action can finally start.

Connor really needed a blowjob after all that effort to tie him up and Axel delivered as expected, from the moment he got his dick shoved in his mouth he did his best to please his kinky master. Connor showed him just how much he appreciates it all by the way he was fucking his ass with no consideration what so ever. Real men don’t scream so Axel Flint kept it all for himself. That was actually a smart move, you really don’t need to piss off a guy while you are tied up and at his mercy without the power to do a thing. The submissive slave, Axel, and his master Connor did an amazing job and you can see it below! Looking for more? If you do, enter the Peter Fever site and see other hot gay guys fucking!


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Dolan Wolf Taunts Tyler Phoenix

After seeing Dolan Wolf as a slave for so many updates now it’s his turn to be the master. Tyler Phoenix, one of the newest bound jocks in the slave and Dolan has something really special prepared for him. The athletic jock was taken right after practice to see the master. He was ready to punish him for his bad behavior lately. The jock was tied to the table, having both his legs and arms tied with the same rope. The master eases him into what he had prepared for him and started by showing his dick in his big filthy mouth to teach him to mind his own business and not talk trash to his coaches.  This will straighten him up for sure!

dolan-wolf-taunts-tyler-phoenixWhile Tyler was busy sucking off his dick the master, Dolan began jerking off his dick. Tyler thought that was it, but the master’s next move was to turn him on his side and get a piece of his fine ass that was ignored until this point. He took off his pants and shoved his dick up his ass, the poor guy couldn’t keep it together and began screaming as the master went deeper and deeper up his tight asshole stretching with every move. Today another jock learned his lesson and he won’t forget this one too soon. See Tyler and master Dolan Wolf in bound jocks action below! Also you might enter the site and see a hot tranny sucking cocks!

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Bound Jocks – Bondage Therapy

The bondage therapy always works miracles if you are in the right hands. After having so many bound jocks in his hands, the master returns. He found the perfect slave to play around with, he’s young and he’s up to trying out new things. We’ll we’re pretty sure that getting tied up and punished wasn’t part of his plan, but he still took it like a man. The master followed the steps. He first tied the submissive slave, with his legs wide open, leaving his asshole on full display. His arms were tied close to his legs and he also got some duct tape over his mouth. The boundjocks master made a little change and before he tightens the ropes he shoved a butt plug up his ass.

Now the bondage therapy can finally begin. The master didn’t mind doing most of the work and he began jerking off his submissive slave’s dick until it was hard. The poor guy could barely move, has duct tape all over his mouth, a huge butt plug up his ass hole and now the master started playing with his dick. Like we said earlier this definitely wasn’t what he had in mind when you think about there. The thing is, he wanted to slow down the bondage and now he was getting more that he could take. But who knows maybe that works for him and he will slow it down in the future! Check out the site if you wanna see some hot black t girls rubbing their big cocks!


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Connor Patricks and Angel Rock

The bound jocks are back with Connor Patricks and Angel Rock. The two ripped jocks are up to no good as you can see below Connor tying up Angel Rock and getting him ready to receive his punishment. Connor tied his legs to the table and his hands are tied to the ceiling, leaving him with little or no space to move at all. Connor also made sure that he wasn’t going scream or say anything that was going to ruin the mood, so he ball gagged his sorry ass. Angel just sit there waiting for all the preparations to end so he could see what Connor has prepared for him and he was in for a treat.


Connor started it with jerking off his dick until it was hard and then left him like that hanging until he got his dick hard as well, so he could try out Angel’s fine ass. Angel was wearing a pair of underwear if you can call it that way. Most of his ass was out in the open, so basically it was a bit of fabric that covered with dick. So it now it was completely worthless but did make it easier for Connor to get a clear shot at his fine ass. Take a look at the entire scene to see Angel getting his fine ass roughly drilled by Connor’s big dick. Enjoy it and stay tuned for tomorrow’s bound jocks update or enter the site for similar videos and pics!

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Bound Jocks – Bob Hager Tops Dolan Wolf

These two bound jocks are more experienced that the rest of the guys around here. Bob Hager and Dolan Wolf are here to show you guys a good time as you are going to see Dolan getting tied up and pushed to suck off Bob’s hard dick. The jocks had a table and some rope to use and they made the best out of them. Bob was the one in charge with it all, as he begun tying Dolan up to the table. Now his hands and legs are tied together, making it really had to move. Luckily he didn’t have a lot of moving to do, because Bob was the only one moving, from his mouth to his ass. Bob left his mouth open but most of the time was filled by his hard dick and when it wasn’t in his mouth he had it deep up Dolan’s tight ass hole.

So in this one, you are going to see a lot of mouth-to-ass cock sucking pics and some really kinky close-up of these two in action. Dolan is really a tough guy because during it all we didn’t saw him complain or even try to scream. From experience screaming only makes things worst and he wasn’t going to have it harder than it already was. Bob and Dolan’s scene is here for all you luck guys and you can check it out by following the boundjocks link below. See you guys next time! If you can’t wait until then, check out the site and see a hot t girl sucking cocks!


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Cameron Marshall & Jessie Jordan

Cameron Marshall and Jessie Jordan are our bound jocks of the day. The guys did a great job as expected and you can watch Cam punishing Jessie in the hardest way possible in today’s update. Cameron got his all tied up by some metal bar, with his legs spread wide open. Jesse was ball gagged so he would keep his mouth shut during his punishment. From all the guys we had around here Jesse must be the most submissive one, he truly enjoys getting punished and Cameron is the one to do that. Cameron started testing out his toys on him starting with his vast dildo collection.As the minutes passed the toys got bigger and bigger, stretching his tight asshole to the limits. But he wasn’t going to end things that way and he had to nail his ass at least one before letting go.

Jesse was a good guy and took it all without complaining even once, although he couldn’t move at all and he couldn’t see anything either because he was facing the other side. See him in the gallery below, to get a better idea of what really happened between these two in this insane boundjocks update. This was all for today but until next time you can check out some of our older updates as well. We’re sure you are going to love them as well. If you wanna see some hot t girls getting their asses stuffed, check out the amydaly site and have fun! See you next time, friends!


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Bound Jocks – Armond Dominates Joseph

More bound jocks are here. Armond Rizzo and Joseph are our guests today and they offered us an amazing show. Armond is in charge today and you are going to see the kinky jock dominating Joseph in every way possible. He tied him up to these metal bars, making sure he can’t move and then took off his clothes. Armond isn’t a big fan of screamers either so he ball gagged him. Joseph couldn’t move or see and all that he felt was that his dick was out and someone was tieing it with something. Armond loved seeing Joseph in pain so he took all the time he needed to punish him the right way.  You just can’t find better action that here and you can see that in the scene below.

But the domination has just begun because Armond had so many things that he wanted to try, including playing with Joseph’s ass for a bit and make sure that he doesn’t leave without him nailing it a couple of time. Getting to bang such a big guy that couldn’t move at all made Armond fell even more powerful and he did anything we wanted from the big guy, Joseph. You must see these two in action in the scene below and don’t forget to return for more submissive boundjocks getting tied, gagged and punished just like they deserve, just for your guy’s pleasure. Enjoy it and see you guys next time or visit the site and see a hot tranny in hardcore anal sex videos!


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Brian Bonds Tops Lucas Knight

We got two more bound jocks, Brian Bonds and Lucas Knight here for you guys. This time there isn’t as much rope involved but you are still going to see our jocks sucking off one another’s dick. Brian tied Lucas to the chair, making sure that the jock couldn’t move his feet or hands. He thought for a bit about covering his mouth but he found a better way of doing that without the use of duct tape. After he made sure that he couldn’t move at all the fun begun. In this scene, there aren’t so many sex toys so get ready to see a lot of body on body action, the old fashion way. No worries these guys are here to make sure that you guys are going to have a great time.

Brian jumped over Lucas on his chair and began blowing one another’s dick. We told you that he found a better way to keep his mouth shut and this way everyone if happy. Brian didn’t stop there and continued his punishment with some ass fucking his own style and he didn’t give up until he stretched his ass to limits and heard how hard he was fighting not to scream.We are sure that we are going to see more from Brian Bonds and Lucas Knight but until next time make sure you guys check out the entire picture gallery and return for more bound jocks in action. See you guys tomorrow! Until then, check out the she plays with her cock site and enjoy watching some kinky shemales sucking and riding cocks!  Have fun and see you next time!


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Bound Jocks – Adam and JR Bronson Part 2

Hey there and welcome back. We are back with more bound jocks in action, Adam Champ and JR Bronson are guests in today’s update and in this one you are going to see Adam getting tied to the table and getting his ass stuffed with a monster dildo. JR didn’t have any mercy on his sorry ass and stretched it to the limits. The two hot hunks have some experience under their belt and you can see that as we proceed further and further into the action. JR made sure first that Adam is well tied to the metallic table, that he couldn’t move at all and most importantly that he couldn’t scream.

Nothing kills the mood that having a screamer on the table and no one wants that. JR took care of it all by covering his mouth. After he finished with him, he brought his impressive toy collection and started trying them out on Adam’s ass, one by one. Dildos got bigger and bigger and Adam’s ass got a good stretch out of it. JR couldn’t let him get him off just yet without leaving his print on his ass and what better way to do that than some hard ass fucking. You must see the entire thing below and don’t forget to get back for more boundjocks punishing one another in front of the rolling cameras. Also you might visit the Hazel Tucker site if you wanna see a hot tranny getting her ass stuffed!


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